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“Making a difference in people’s lives through sharing insights and motivational stories on fitness and health” – Sally, Founder Powergirl Fitness Inc


Hi! My name is Sally Oimbo Alias Chepoimbo. I am a sports enthusiast looking to share with you workout tips through my website Powergirl Fitness Inc.

For the better part of my life I was a chubby inactive person with a big appetite, a sweet tooth never passing up an opportunity to savour a good meal (I still don’t) and an odd 100 kgs to show for it. So what changed one may ask?

8 years ago I discovered running, then the gym, then tennis then Salsa and just kept going and right know I do not pass up an opportunity to break a sweat just for the challenge basically pushing my body to see how far it can go!

With my otherwise very busy life most people ask where I get the time and the energy to do all this activities. Well results have a way of motivating you. When I started out my goal was to loose weight and once that was done it gave me the confidence to try out new things to a point where I now mostly workout to challenge myself.

What does it take to get to this level? It takes dedication; discipline and hard work yes hard work. The journey has not been easy but it has definitely been and still is a lot of fun. Initially 20 minutes of any workout would make me pant uncontrollably now I just keep going and going to the point where some people call it an obsession and to that I say we all have that one thing mine just happens to be working out!

Armed with all the tips on what has worked and what has not I have decided to start the movement Powergirl Fitness Inc. through which I will be sharing workout demos, tips on eating for good health and sharing fitness articles. I would also like to invite you out there to share your fitness journey with us with the aim of changing at least one persons life.



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Discover smart ways to get fit using a variety of activities you can incorporate into your lifestyle to help you achieve your fitness goals.


I was chubby and inactive; with a large appetite, sweet tooth and 100 kgs to show for it. It all changed when I discovered running, then aerobics, then the gym, then lawn tennis, and I just kept going. It’s not been easy but progress motivated me. Now fitness is my obsession (don’t we all have one?). And I’d love to share insights about fitness and healthy living with others. Let’s do this!!!

Sally Oimbo

Sally Oimbo


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Are you ready to transform your fitness life? Want to share with us your fitness journey? What has worked well for you? Together, we can make a difference. Let’s talk. Join the movement.